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ANANT founded in the year 2018 is one of the leading recruitment consultants. We are successfully providing the human source to global companies thus meeting the ever growing demands of various industry segments. At Anant Business Solution Career, we believe in professionalism, ethicality, and results.
In the International recruitment industry, growth and excellence have always remained our primary target. Thus, we have always maintained progress in the business. We have our presence in Indian city like Delhi. Anant Business Solution Career has a renowned presence in various verticals and industries like IT, FMCG, BFSI, Digital Media, Events and Entertainment, Education, Automobiles, Real Estate and much more. A Happy client is our motto and on time delivery becomes our priority. Consequently, we have always had a great client list which has been increasing positively.




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Permanency and commitment are attributes that not only people, but companies seek too. Providing comprehensive answers and permanent recruitment solutions, in a changeable world are a specialty with Anant. Unlike generic hirers who just load you with irrelevant resumes, experts at Anant Business Solution Career begin by understanding the niche needs of the client. Well versant with the breadth and depth of the Recruitment Industry, we have both the expertise and experience critical in recruitment of such resource. And so, we help you excel by giving you the best ourselves. The dynamics of permanent recruitments are quite unique, and the role of Anant Business Solution Career comes in right at the beginning. We help our clients with not just an extensive database to source resource from, but also the most apt strategies and new-age practices for selection. We also help in streamlining the recruitment process in a manner that gets organizations the maximum results in the minimal time frames.
Changing business dynamics demonstrate that the requirement for people in organizations is often driven by need and is often project-based and temporary. Moreover, statistics also show that it is more feasible for companies to hire on a temporary basis in various situations. Hiring people to match at reasonable rates is a tough call and that is where Anant Business Solution Career come in. Bridging that gap between such organizations and the right people is our organization. Our quality customized solutions ensure that you get to hire and retain employees for the most relevant timeframes. Moreover, our solutions ensure that you reduce costs on hiring/training and operations, enabling you to continue focus on your business areas.
As companies continue to seek for different ways to foster growth and drive success in a changing economy, Recruitment Process Outsourcing help organization in building capabilities for success, improve effectiveness, controlling the costs, outsourcing non-core competencies and focus on core business areas. In RPO model, organizations outsource their recruitment needs to external partners who are then responsible for activities such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, background checks, offer letter roll out, following up on joining and handholding for successful integration of the candidate in an organization.
Executive Search for high-level resource having unique skills and qualifications is a crucial segment in the hiring process. Reaching out to the right people, convincing them to join an organization and negotiating terms and conditions are major hurdles, that most organizations do not have the time to tackle themselves. In this area, we assist companies by, Carrying out executive search in short duration of time. Comprehensive research to conduct superior executive search for various requirement. Get our best executive service deal. We at Anant Business Solution Career are aware of these challenges and understand that the importance of such talent. As the right people can build or break the organization, we help in the complicated Executive search process with a personalized approach. Our huge network, referral support and an insider perspective of the industry also helps for the company’s advantage.








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Our Methodology- We propose to conduct initial screenings for various skill sets based on your requirement. During these initial screenings, we shall check for various parameters that the Job Demands.
We propose to work in close consultations with yourselves in order to satisfy your manpower requirements. Potential Candidates are identified and researched using the expertise of our database, Industry Research, Consultations and discussions with informed individuals for valuables, objective insights on people and relevant skill sets & issues. We prepare detailed confidential profile for each shortlisted candidate wherever necessary, comprising biographical data, career and Remuneration and a full appraisal against the specification.
Our aim is to ensure that candidates are introduced to positions in companies that will enhance their careers and that clients are in turn introduced to applicants who will fit their specific requirements and add value to their organization.